Thursday, January 31, 2008

into the mouths of babes

The mouth of one baby, that is.

This is a blog about food and parenting.  My daughter--my first child--has just turned six months old, and over the past few weeks we've begun tentatively exploring the world of solid foods.  So at first this will largely be a blog about feeding babies, reporting our experiences and sorting through which foods to introduce and when and in what format.  (I'm a science geek, so expect to hear some crankiness about the conflicting advice and lack of evidence on this topic.)  I'm excited about introducing her to the pleasures of food, and want to record this time when each small bite is a whole new experience, a little venture into the wider world that we all share.

But I also want to write some about what that baby's mama and daddy are eating.  When I was pregnant I suffered from nausea from week 6 until, oh, 40-plus, and I missed food and cooking.  I still miss cooking, as a matter of fact.  Only by the grace of Trader Joe have we survived this long, and I hope that writing this blog will also inspire me to get into the kitchen a little more.

After a few months I hope I'll also be able to start sharing news about food and recipes that all three of us enjoy together.  But now I'm getting ahead of myself (and possibly engaging in some wishful thinking to boot).  We'll have to see what develops.

As for the baby: I'll call her Monkey herein--actually, that's what I do call her more often than not!  I'm still getting to know her myself, so I'll leave it at that for now--but I think you'll soon come to agree with me that she is a delight.  In fact, delicious.