Saturday, January 23, 2010

smbl, 01/24/10

Are you sick of listening to me rant about the food system? To tell you the truth, I'm a bit tired of listening to myself. And anyway, too much environmental proselytizing can be hazardous to your marriage. (Wow, don't I know it. I shudder just remembering the Great Thermostat War of '09. For the record, I was on the not-green side of that battle.)

So I'm going to try to keep things light this week. Let's start things off with a little shameless consumerism, shall we?

  • I have nowhere to put this root vegetable storage box but I want it. Those trays look like wide, laughing mouths to me. Wide, laughing mouths munching on carrots and potatoes. Adorable.
  • This moleskine recipe journal, by contrast--I think I need it. You see, all the recipes I've been working on (ohhh, I have some GOOD stuff lined up in the coming weeks) currently exist in the form of post-it notes and chicken-scratch on the back of other recipes printed out from the computer. A purpose-built moleskine just sounds much more...reliable. Hmm, I wonder if my Valentine reads this blog?

A couple of other things:

  • I'm desperate to make this homemade bouillon from 101 cookbooks. Absolutely brilliant idea. I don't really care for most powdered veggie broths (always the wrong ratio of celery, or something--I love that you could customize this recipe) but I just don't have it sufficiently together to keep homemade broth on hand. I don't know why making bouillon from scratch seems way easier than making broth, but it just does, okay?
  • Fed Up: School Lunch Project is a new blog I discovered this week. A public school teacher has decided to eat school lunch every day in 2010, and posts a picture and description of each day's lunch. I think that I have come up with the best possible way to appreciate this blog: Create a category called "Food" in your RSS reader, and then subscribe to Fed Up and also a whole bunch of unapologetically food porn-type blogs. Read by category so that you are scrolling through a whole bunch of posts from different blogs all jumbled together. I feel a rant coming on so I'll just say that the cognitive dissonance created when a Fed Up post pops up is very, very useful.
  • Oh, before I sign off! I know the whole New Year's resolution thing is like sooo three weeks ago, but I wondered if anyone has any food-related goals for 2010? Mine is to learn to like sun-dried tomatoes.


Victoria / Cats Dreaming in Keylime said...

you DON'T like sundried tomatoes? *gasp*
: )

Sarah said...

I know, I know, it sounds crazy.

I bought some oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes recently and I can already see that they are a big improvement over those dessicated things you are supposed to rehydrate in water or something.

So I'm working on it.