Sunday, April 6, 2008

eight months

Sweet potato
Yogurt in combination with other ingredients
Absolutely perfectly ripe avocado
Baby Mum-Mums (sigh)
Rice cereal in combination with other ingredients
O-shaped cereal that is so outrageously expensive it makes me cry when I find one stuck in the seams of her highchair (a friend calls them "free-range Cheerios," hee!)
Dried fruit puree (more on this in an upcoming post!)

Any other sort of avocado
Yogurt by itself
Green beans
Cardamom (my favorite spice! can you hear me weeping?)
Rice cereal by itself

I don't want to mislead you with the impressive length of that first list.  It's not as though Monkey licks the bowl clean every time I feed her one of these foods--they are merely things that she has eaten either thoroughly or with evident pleasure at least once (and sometimes only once--it's hard to hit the sweet spot with avocado). 
Readers with advanced math skills will notice that although I like to freak out about these things on the Internet, in real life I have started to rebel against the wait-four-days rule.  Though we've just noticed that Monkey has some eczema on the backs of her knees--maybe we should back off the wheat and dairy for a bit?  But what would she do without her beloved (and wheat-containing) Os?  At random times throughout the day I keep noticing that she has her thumb and forefinger pressed together, compulsively practicing her pincer grasp.

This past month we've seen other milestones, too.  A few weeks ago the Mr. and I took Monkey out to dinner with us and for the first time she sat in a highchair rather than in her carseat.  We went to a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant (a fantastic place for babies, incidentally: plenty to look at, with lights and motion and a giant screen showing obscure Japanimation, and just cacophonous enough to camouflage any fussiness), and I shared my food with her.  I peeled the tempura batter from one of my green beans and handed it over.  She brought it to her mouth, tasted, grimaced at the awfulness of it, and then repeated the sequence several times before finally dropping it on the floor.  Perhaps she would have liked it better if I'd left the batter on.

Anyway, I defy you to imagine anything cuter than a baby in a highchair bellied up to a sushi bar.

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