Tuesday, April 29, 2008

nine months

It's that time again.

Here's what Monkey thought of this month's new tastes:

Aged cheddar
Cumin + cinnamon*
Multigrain cereal (Rice + Oats + Millet. Have you ever had millet? I don't think I have but my kiddo LOVES it, apparently.)
Maple-Roasted Root Vegetables (carrot, sweet potato)
Peas as a finger food (I am sorry I waited so long!)

Avocado (not a new taste; what's new is that I am admitting that Monkey really does not like it. She finally convinced me by gagging dramatically on a spoonful of beautifully ripe avocado the other day. And then doing it again.)
Havarti with dill
Rice as a finger food (too sticky?)

*Or possibly she is willing to eat anything as long as it is mixed with sweet potatoes. Except avocado! I think I've tried that and it was a no go.

**Sounds astonishing, doesn't it? But this is another installment in our series of occasional essays on the topic of "Hey, guess what? Babies don't like gross food!" I pureed a couple of pieces from a bag of frozen mango bought because I wanted to add a new fruit to the rotation, and when Monkey didn't seem to like it I used the rest of the bag in a mango version of this bread salad from 101 Cookbooks. I fed the bread salad to some families from my parents' group last weekend, unfortunately before realizing that the bagged frozen mango was really not very good at all (now that I type that out, it seems like it should have been obvious). It was unripe and tasted...fishy. Yes, fishy. My guests were very polite about it, and I am very sorry. Please do not let my error dissuade you from trying the bread salad linked above, because it is really an excellent recipe, the ever-so-slightly-caramelized bread cubes playing off the sweet-tart fruit dressing. Also, if any of the members of my parents' group are reading, please do not let my error dissuade you from coming over to my house for a meal in the future. I am resolved to do better next time.

I thought we'd been getting into a groove with this solids thing, but on reviewing the short list above I realize that in fact it's a rut. I guess this is one of the downsides of making your own baby food: once you have a stock of reliable favorites in the freezer, it's hard to find the time and motivation to branch out. Our staples, day in and day out, seem to be muesli for breakfast, banana, sweet potato, carrot, peas, yogurt, baby cereal, and upscale hippie cheerios (which brand I continue to buy because it is the only one I can find that does not contain sugar. Which I feel compelled to tell you because I apparently don't want to admit that I am, in fact, an upscale hippie.)

Anyway, to keep us on track, or possibly just because I love to make lists, here are some things I'd like to get Monkey to try over the coming month:
A good mango
Potatoes again (one of my husband's colleagues recommended trying Yukon Golds, which I think is an excellent suggestion--they're buttery and smooth all on their own)
Those Damn Teething Biscuits
Winter squash
Yam and Carrot Tagine (oh you betcha there will be a recipe to share)


Rachel P. said...

Hi S-
Hehehe, your lists of Monkey's likes and dislikes sound familiar. :-) Hannah doesn't like avocados either...let me know if you come up with any tricks for making them tastier!

S. said...

Ha, the best trick I know for making avocados tastier is to make a big bowl of guacamole and enjoy it all myself! (Add a margarita if you really want to gild the lily.) Good to know that Monkey is not alone in her disdain...I think maybe she doesn't like how rich it is?

Priya said...

S, I am impressed that Monkey is such a great eater! I hadn't thought of offering muesli to her but you've inspired me. Have you tried:
- Total Greek yogurt? or
- Fresh mozzarella
Muffin digs on Total yogurt so much that it's (scarily) the only thing she really enjoys.

S. said...

priya, funny you should mention yogurt. Monkey eats a LOT of yogurt (so do we these days, in fact...I think that might be the subject of my next post), but usually mixed with other things. I thought she didn't like it on its own, but last night I gave her some with just a bit of cinnamon and she lapped it right up.

Fresh mozzarella sounds like a great idea...I see a spring vegetable pizza in our future!